Latest FDNY Tales Updates

New stories added at including “A Rat Story Part 2”, “Sweet Jesus Save My Arm”, and the touching “A Sad Toy Story”.

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FDNY Emerald Society Pipe and Drums: 50th Anniversary to be held on September 15th, 2012 at Citi Field. Everyone in attendance will be given a copy of the journal, which includes the history of the band, photos and journal entries from the many friends the band has made! Submit an entry from your organization, or as an individual. See their website at for more information.


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FDNY Runs & Workers 2000 – 2011

The FDNY Runs & Workers analysis that was distributed at the Fire Bell Club dinner has now been posted online. To view the report go to

To see the stats for many years, go to

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FDNY Tales update

We’ve started work on the FDNY Videography to go along with the bibliography: Its currently a work in progress.

We’ve also added some new stories, including a history of the NY Firefighters Burn Center. You can vie all the stories at

An analysis of FDNY runs & workers from 2000-2011 was released at last night’s Fire Bell Club dinner. you can find a history of the runs and workers, plus the stats for many years at

Do you have any FDNY stories you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments section, email, or tweet us @FDNYTales.

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The Last True Hero

Phil Burns has released another wonderful FDNY book, this one title The Last True Hero. Its available now at

Here’s one of the many wonderful stories in the book:

Only the Good Die Young (Phil Burns)

One of the best guys I ever met was a firefighter in Engine 280 named Jimmy Schiotis. He came on the job on October 16, 1968 and all the guys in Engine 280 and Ladder 132 took an immediate liking to this soft-spoken young family man who became an excellent fireman very quickly.

Jimmy was one of those guys everyone liked, and whenever you saw him, you couldn’t help but smile.

You can imagine how devastated we all were when we found out that Jimmy had leukemia. He was receiving treatment and our thoughts and prayers were with him.

After several months, Jimmy’s leukemia went into remission and we all were guardedly optimistic. After about two months, Jimmy was once again admitted to the hospital because the leukemia came back with a vengeance. Once again, our spirits plummeted.

About the same time Jimmy went back into the hospital, at a smoky fire in downtown Manhattan, a probationary firefighter named Wylie ran out of air, removed his mask face piece and was overcome by a severe smoke condition. The young firefighter was taken to the burn center in a coma and was placed on a respirator.

On January 2,1995, Jimmy Schiotis lost his long battle with the dreaded cancer, leukemia. Jimmy was just short of fifty years old.

When Jimmy died, his wife Marion was at his side with his two daughters, Stacie and Katie, seventeen and ten, and his two sons, Mike and Chris, fifteen and thirteen. The two boys are now New York City firefighters. We all paid our respects to Jimmy and his family both nights at his wake and we all attended his funeral Mass on the following morning.

As we sat down after Communion, all the FDNY beepers started going off throughout the church. I thought to myself that another brave firefighter had just lost his battle. I turned to the firefighter next to me and said,”The probie died.”

I attended the wake and funeral for Firefighter Wylie and met his parents. They were probably in their early forties and they had lost their only child.

Many fire department members assured them that they would always be part of the FDNY family. I have noticed through the years that this is very comforting to these grieving families, because they all know that the loyalty of New York firefighters to the families of their fallen comrades is second to none.

Much like Phil’s previous books Laughter, Tears and Muffled Drums and …Bringing Everybody Home this book is a must read for any firefighter of fan of FDNY.

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Latest FDNY Tales Updates

We’ve added some more stories to the FDNY Tales website, including an explanation of this picture! Check it out at

We’re also still working our way through the runs and workers at

Do you have any FDNY stories you’d like to share? Email or leave them in the comments section. Thanks!

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FDNY Runs & Workers 2011

The FDNY runs and workers for 2011 has been finished and posted. You can see the PDF at:

For the entire runs and workers listing (still a work in progress of course) visit

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The FDNY Assignment Card

Pre-planned assignments have been in use by FDNY for close to 150 years.

This multi-part story will follow the various forms of pre-planned assignments, from the very first one, to the format most are familiar with – the 10″ x 4″ card.

Whether referred to as a “run card”, “running card”, “assignment book” or “assignment card”, the first known use occurred on November 6, 1865.

For the complete history of the FDNY Assignment cards, visit The FDNY Tales website at


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